3/15 Top 25 ~Showdown~ VGC 2016 Teams

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Hey everyone! Just thought I'd knock these out quickly as I've been sitting on these teams for a bit. As usual the order the Pokemon appear in goes Weather Trio ➡ "Uber"/Formerly Banned Legendaries ➡ Mega ➡ Other Legendaries ➡ Non-Mega/Non-Legendaries.  I included the names of every Pokemon to make it easier to find all of the teams with a specific Pokemon on them and also added the usage stats for said teams underneath. If you want to know when the list is updated you can follow me on Twitter @BerserkVGC, as I'll usually post about it whenever these get uploaded.

1. Fyaid: Kyogre/Rayquaza/Gengar

2. pwny person: Groudon/Xerneas/Kangaskhan

3. asagi20: Groudon/Yveltal/Mawile

4. yoloboy321: Groudon/Yveltal/Kangaskhan

5. Mobile SUX

6. Mario Salzano: Groudon/Kyogre/Salamence

7. Picklesword: Kyogre/Yveltal/Salamence

8. Tutura: Kyogre/Xerneas/Kangaskhan

9. Melfi: Groudon/Rayquaza/Kangaskhan

10. Takanyau

11. ModernGamer: Groudon/Yveltal/Salamence

12. Shinobupoke: Groudon/Yveltal/Mawile

13. Capable Being: Groudon/Yveltal/Kangakhan

14. Alpha Gio: Kyogre/Rayquaza/Kangaskhan

15. Therazer456: Xerneas/Yveltal/Mawile

16. Lore95VGC: Groudon/Xerneas/Kangaskhan

17. Sawamura21: Kyogre/Xerneas/Gengar

18. Nozln: Kyogre/Rayquaza/Gengar

19. Silk: Groudon/Rayquaza/Kangaskhan

20. ooooon

21. GOPAGONN: Groudon/Yveltal/Mawile

22. Carl27: Kyogre/Rayquaza/Salamence

23. WynantVGC: Groudon/Kyurem-W/Gengar

24. Dickmasterson1: Groudon/Xerneas/Kangaskhan

25. El100tifiko: Groudon/Xerneas/Salamence

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